The Simpsons seem to have been ahead of their time…again!  This time, with Disney’s changing of the classic ride Pirates of the Caribbean.

Yesterday it was announced that Disney would be changing the classic attraction in Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris to remove the selling of the red headed lady.  But just like they’ve predicted the future before, The Simpsons seemed to have tackled the subject LONG before Disney decided to make these changes.

The famed family visits “Dizzneeland” in the episode, and rides a new version of the classic ride, that has been changed because, according to Lisa, two people complained about the message it was sending.

Check out these images below from the January 4, 2015 episode, (Season 26, Episode 10) entitled The Man Who Came To Be Dinner.

What do you think? Did The Simpsons hit it on the head? Did they miss?  Just a lucky coincidence?  Let us know by sounding off here.