Disney unintentionally caused a firestorm of controversy recently when they announced their intention to update their Pirates of the Caribbean attractions. This update included the removal of the bride auction scene from the attraction, replacing it with a scene of pirates plundering goods from unfortunate locals and the classic “redhead” character becoming one of these pirates. While some fans welcomed the new changes announced, others were not as enthusiastic.

Disney has now finally unveiled the new “redhead” in their Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland Paris. The scene for the most part looks about the same with the exception of the characters being decorated differently, along with different dialogue for those characters. The “redhead” has now ditched her red dress for a scarlet colored outfit more befitting that of a pirate, and her ladylike hat has been replaced with a more traditional tricorn pirate garb. In addition, her new wardrobe also includes a white sash tied around her waist, a rifle in her hand, and a holster draped across her. Seems like after so many years our classic bride just couldn’t resist the pirate’s life! Drink up me hearties, yo ho!