• Fantasmic!, Disneyland Railroad, and Rivers of America to Reopen this Summer


Three classic Disneyland attractions are reopening this summer after a year of refurbishment.  The Disneyland Railroad, Fantasmic!, and Rivers of America have been under refurbishment since the start of construction on Star Wars Land.

The Disneyland Railroad was one of the original attractions when the park opened and has only stopped one other time since it’s maiden voyage.  For the past year, guests have been able to climb aboard one of Walt’s favorite locomotives while it has been parked at the New Orlean’s Square station. There cast members can teach guests how the trains work and run on the recycled biofuel from Disneyland’s fryers. Guests can also take a peek into the motor unit of the train and the caboose car “Lily Belle” which was named after Walt’s wife, Lillian Disney.

The attraction has laid down some new track and will sport new vistas this summer including an elevated trestle, waterfall, and gorge.

With the reopening of the Rivers of America will be the return of the attractions alongside it.  The Mark Twain River Boat and Sailing Ship Columbia will have shorter routes along the riverbank with it’s reopening and The Davy Crocket Canoes will transport guests to The Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island again.

Fantasmic! is also set to return with enhanced features and added scenes.  Guests will be able to find the main mouse in scenes from Tangled, Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Lion King.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome back these iconic attractions this summer!