• Water Rises on the Rivers of America North End


For over a year the northern bank of the Rivers of America has been dammed off and drained while construction was being done in the area.  The route for the river was changed to allow more room for the construction of Star Wars land, which opens in 2019.  On the morning of May 5th workers opened the valve to fill the rivers northern end. Crews are also finishing the new rockwork and landscaping alongside the river.  The waterway is set to reopen again later this year but no official date has been given.

Along with the closing of the river was the closing of the Disneyland Railroad.  The railroad was rerouted and will sport new vistas including an elevated trestle, waterfalls, and a gorge.

When the river is reopened to visitors, guests will be able to travel to Tom Sawyers Island and cruise on The Sailing Ship Columbia and The Mark Twain Riverboat once again.  A new version of Fantasmic! is also rumored to be in the works and will return when the riverbank is reopened.