A few weeks ago news broke that a Florida counterpart to Disneyland’s famous Club 33 would be arriving at the Walt Disney World Resort. The east coast version, however, will be expanded to four locations, one located in each of the four Walt Disney World parks. We know have some new information on where exactly one of those clubs might be. Some online sources are saying that the Animal Kingdom Club 33 may be taking the place of Nomad Lounge, located on Discovery Island in Animal Kingdom. No official word yet from Disney if this is in fact true, but it does seem likely.

For those unfamiliar with it, Club 33 is a lounge and restaurant located at various Disney parks around the world, the most famous being the California Disneyland version, located in New Orleans Square. Club 33 is an exclusive club, accessible only by due-paying members and their guests. The waiting list to become a member is quite long, and the initial membership fee is rumored to be around $25,000 with a $10,000 annual membership fee.