Tucked back in by the cult favorite ride, The Haunted Mansion, lies a restaurant that is known to most Disney World fans to be one of, if not the best quick service restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Colombia Harbor House’s unsuspecting exterior hides the fact that this quick service restaurant gives some fantastic people watching vantage points while filling your belly with some of the best fried fish, shrimp and even lobster you can find on Disney property.  With Prices ranging from $9.00 and up this well themed quick service location offers guests the ability to venture to its second floor where large windows give views of The Haunted Mansion and its queue, Fantasyland with in all its crowd filled splendor, and loads of seating to escape the heat. This is one of the few quick service locations in Walt Disney World with indoor seating. Little known to most guests, though the drinks are handed to you from behind the counter, you can easily obtain a refill just by asking.  The addition of mobile ordering to this location has made Colombia Harbor House an ideal location to get out of the heat while waiting for that next fastpass

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